Java Settlers of Catan

Games expire after 90 minutes, use "*ADDTIME*" to extend a game.
If you would like to practice offline or run your own server, see the Downloads section below.

To play online, either download and run the JSettlers JAR file or add the Java plugin to your browser.
This applet connects to port 14203

Play an immigrant on the newly populated island of Catan. Build settlements, roads, and cities by taking commodities from the land around you. Turn a sheep, lumber, rocks and some grain into a settlement, bricks and wood into road, or try to complete other combinations for more advanced buildings and services. Take advantage of trades with other players, or at local seaports to get commodities you might lack. The first player to gain 10 points from a combination of roads, settlements, and special cards wins.

This applet is based on a board game that you can buy from the good people at Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games.

To play, enter a nickname and then either enter a new name for a game, or double click on a game in the list to join it. Be patient when you join a game, it takes a while to load. If you try to join a game, and there is someone in the game with the same nickname as yours, it won't work. Just enter a new nickname and try again.


New Game options

3-player game

6-player game

Downloads and Resources

The Settlers of Catan is available from Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games. The Settlers of Catan was originally published in German by Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. as Die Siedler von Catan. Original game design by Klaus Teuber. This program is not intended to replace the original board game in any way.

Updated 2018-05-26: (1.2.01)

  • Game reset no longer hangs when game had bot(s) and someone locked all bots' seats
  • Game expiration:
    • Initial game length increased: Now 2 hours, was 90 minutes
    • Warns 5 or 6 minutes earlier
    • Ensure at least 1 warning before ending game
  • Client:
    • Game window bugfix: Join Game hangs on Windows Java 9
    • Sound prompt when client player is offered a trade
    • Game windows: Render board with antialiasing
  • Players can end their turn during Free Road placement if dice were rolled before playing the card
  • Server game cleanup: If the last human player leaves a game with bots and observers, don't continue that game as bots-only
  • Details and other changes: see VERSIONS.txt

Updated 2017-10-05: (1.2.00)

  • Simple sound effects for game events: Start of client player's turn, resource stolen by robber, etc
  • Game windows have same size as previous game if resized, not small default size
  • Re-word trade offers to clarify who would give which resources
  • Persistent client preferences for settings like sound effects and game window size
  • Optional database Schema Upgrade, adds:
    • Game stats: Winner, duration, options, etc
    • BCrypt password hashing
    • Case-insensitive usernames/nicknames
  • Details and other changes: see v1.2.00's VERSIONS.txt

Updated 2016-10-24: (1.1.20)

  • Game board graphics updated to be smoother when window resized
  • For new players: When game starts, clicking the board reminds you to right-click to build
  • Bots no longer leave practice games after 4 hours idle
  • For server config, new optional properties file
  • Server can set Game Option defaults on command line or properties file
  • If using an optional user database, easier password reset
  • Server admins can list all currently connected users with command *WHO* *
    or any game's members with *WHO* gamename
  • Details and other changes: see v1.1.20's VERSIONS.txt

Updated 2014-11-27: (1.1.19)

  • New game option for house rule: Roll no 7s until a city is built
  • Trading port/harbor graphics updated
  • Reset board during initial placement: Pick randomly-selected robots, instead of keeping same robots
  • Check client password when "New game" is clicked, not later after filling out game options
  • For servers using an optional user database, new config options about creating or requiring accounts.
  • Other changes: see v1.1.19's VERSIONS.txt

Updated 2013-04-02: (1.1.18)

  • Reset board: Keep player chat text; Confirm before restarting after end of a practice game
  • Chat text field: Word-wrap long lines
  • Don't limit the number of simultaneous practice games
  • 6-player board: Focus cursor on input field when the chat window expands; scroll chat/game text to bottom when it shrinks
  • If saving completed games to db, save if any human players, even if some have left/rejoined
  • Bugfix: Client creating a game on a server newer than itself might show a second New Game Options window
  • Other changes: see v1.1.18's VERSIONS.txt

Updated 2012-12-12: (1.1.17)

  • Road Building: Player may skip (cancel) placing second free road, if they want to use just one road piece
  • If jar client can't connect to server, returns to first panel, with buttons to connect or practice
  • If try to start server in JSettlers.jar, but port already in use, show message instead of exiting immediately
  • If server's debug commands are on, warn at connect
  • Get Practice Game options from practice server, not from most recently started game
  • If join a server after a practice game, re-enable name and password fields
  • Chat text field: If a long line is truncated, keep the rest of it in the textfield
  • Debug commands: dev cards: Send card type numbers with help message
  • Server DB setup script: Ignore net errors when running script and exiting

Updated 2012-10-27: (1.1.16)

  • Bugfix: 1.1.15 can't start practice games
  • If jar client loses server connection, returns to first panel, with buttons to connect to a server or practice

Updated 2012-10-21: (1.1.15)

  • Bugfix: Occasional hangs creating new game, when old game isn't yet cleared
  • Bugfix: Hangs on mac osx 10.7, 10.8 after a few minutes (SnippingTextArea) - thanks olivierdeckers
  • Server command line simplified: port number, max conns, db info now optional
  • Can save all completed game results in database, with new option:
  • Server db property for jdbc driver jar file: -Djsettlers.db.jar=sqlite-jdbc-3.7.2.jar
  • Server db easy setup script options:
  • Server db sqlite driver URLs updated in readme

Earlier Updates:

See the Developers' Page for a list of earlier updates.
Jeremy D Monin - email jsettlers @ nand (this server) for more details.